Apartment Daimus - Master BedroomApartment Daimus - Master Bedroom (Before)

Apartment Daimus

Two bedroom holiday apartment

The brief from our client was to prepare his apartment for year-round rental. The biggest drawback of the apartment was its outdated appearance and inadequate guest facilities. Our task was to remove the most serious visual deficiencies, lighten the space and purchase the necessary equipment. In the first phase we removed old textiles, unsuitable decorations and cleared out everything unnecessary. Next, we cleaned the entire space thoroughly, organized it better and added small decorations. Due to the smaller budget, we didn’t embark on costly changes, but focused mainly on neutralizing and unifying the space. Finally, we photographed the entire apartment, edited the photos we took and prepared them for publication. At the client’s request, we also created a website for his apartment with its own booking system.

We are currently working on publishing the gallery.

Bungalow Quesada

Family bungalow with two bedrooms

The new owners did not feel comfortable in the original interior and wanted to brighten and cosy up the house. The layout of the furniture in the living room and bedrooms was also unsatisfactory. In this case, we undertook a more extensive transformation, completely replacing the furniture and painting the walls throughout the house. Thanks to the white walls, the space was visually beautifully enlarged, and the new furniture added a modern and airy touch to the entire space. You can see how the whole project turned out in our gallery.
We are currently working on publishing the gallery.

Vila Alicante

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