Staging Process

First Stage

Initial Consultation

Together, we will schedule a viewing of your property where we discuss a future interior makeover in more detail and choose the best option for your space. We will also take measurements of the property and its furnishings and take photos of the space. You will receive a quote from us in the following days based on the agreed range of services.

Second Stage

Decluttering and Organising

We clear out everything that is superfluous in the interior, remove all distracting elements that could unnecessarily distract. We will simplify the space and arrange the furniture so that it gives a clear purpose to each room.



If necessary, we carry out minor repairs, install new equipment and assemble furniture.

Deep Cleaning

We also offer professional interior and exterior cleaning. We always recommend a thorough cleaning of all rooms before putting the property up for sale, as cleanliness greatly affects the overall impression of the space. (This service is optional.)


Third Stage

Staging and Decorating

At this stage, we approach the transformation of the interior itself, trying to emphasize the positive aspects of the space as much as possible. We create an interior design that highlights the potential and best elements of the property. We visually enlarge the space and lighten dark rooms. We match everything to the appropriate muted colours and their combinations. We create a pleasant, balanced and fresh space that stands out amongst the other offerings.

Fourth Stage

Photo Report

In the final stage, we will photograph the final work and then send you the edited photos ready for publication. Nice and high quality photographs are a key part of promoting a property and are the main output of the whole transformation.

Graphic Presentation


We summarise all the important information about the property in our beautifully designed flyers. These will be available to all visitors when viewing the property as a nice reminder. (This service is optional.)


Web Design

Whether you want to increase rental occupancy or a sale success in the real estate market, we will create a website to promote your property. This is the ideal solution for those who do not want to rely on estate agents, advertising or booking websites. (This service is optional.)

Graphic Presentation

Take a look at our finished projects.